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Cutting through complexity in a fast-changing world

Spiralling advertising costs, rising consumer expectations, constantly changing privacy laws – everything is changing. For eCommerce businesses, this makes things unpredictable, complex and relentlessly challenging. 

Many brands spend lots of money getting more people to their website but do they actually take action? Is your website truly squeezing maximum value out of all of that traffic? Is it leaving them satisfied beyond doubt to make repeat purchases or is it a black hole of rising paid budgets and declining organic rankings?

No matter what the answer, one thing always holds true, your website has lots more potential for you and your customers.

Our services

Expert analysis of key business metrics to identify opportunities to refine your website’s user experience using our CX360 framework to drive higher engagement and increased revenue.

Turning around underperforming websites with targeted strategies that revitalise user engagement and transform low conversion rates into robust eCommerce growth.

Full-service Ads management, expertly handling every aspect of your Google & Meta advertising campaigns from creation to optimisation, ensuring peak ad performance and maximising your return on investment without budget wastage.

Leveraging advanced techniques including product feed optimisation, strategic bidding, and audience targeting to place your products prominently in Google’s search results.

Comprehensive compliance and cookie management services, ensuring your website adheres to the latest standards while maintaining user trust and seamless site functionality with optimised opt-in rates.

Advanced Google Analytics 4 configuration, precise data management & collection leading to insightful analysis for optimising user experiences. All rolled up into easy-to-digest reporting suites.

Tailored marketing funnels that effectively capture and nurture leads on automation, guiding them seamlessly toward conversion actions and your sales pipeline.

Transforming customer experiences and elevating organic visibility through advanced technical, on & off-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques, rich content and fine-tuning key performance metrics.

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Drive quality traffic and hit conversion highs with this combined approach

How do we scale your sales? It's all in the math

Driving quality traffic to your site is one thing but getting it to convert is another.
If we have 1,000 visitors hitting our site from Google Ads at £2 per click that’s £2,000. Simple right? Let’s dive deeper… 

For every user that visits via a paid ad the average bounce rate could be anywhere north of 60%+ which means only 800 of our original visitors are still around to shop with £1,200 lost in low-quality traffic.

Combine this with a substandard conversion rate of 1% and we’re looking at 8 users purchasing at a cost of £2,000. That’s a common scenario we see when conducting account audits for prospective clients. So how do we fix this? (1) by combining strategic campaigns that capture the attention of your target audience and then applying digital experience optimisation. (2) by improving conversions, average order value and revenues.

1. Paid Aquisition

At Proof3, our approach to paid acquisition is about more than just strategy; it’s about action and results.

This encompasses a broad range of digital platforms with a special emphasis on Google and Meta Ads. Our philosophy is to integrate seamlessly with your team, offering a level of engagement and expertise that sets us apart from standard agencies.

We believe in the same data-led approach we undertake in all of our projects delivering tangible results with effective budget management and target metrics in place. 

Our expertise extends to managing substantial shopping campaigns, orchestrating lead-generation initiatives, developing content and assets, and ensuring the accuracy of tracking setup through meticulous validation processes.

2. Digital Experience Optimisation

DXO with Proof3 gives you not only a plan to increase conversions, average order values and engagement rate but also provides you with the team and the tools to put things in motion. And quickly.

Through in-depth analysis of your business metrics, our team devises a streamlined, strategic roadmap to amplify your Digital Customer Engagement score within a year.

We refine the customer journey across all digital touch points using our CX360 Conversion Rate Optimisation framework to deliver rapid results without months of endless analysis.

Because certainty isn’t just rare. It’s an essential commodity. 

Getting results and pushing for the win

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We work in partnership with ambitious and forward-thinking retailers who share our values of continuous improvement and honest, clear communication. If we can’t improve it, we don’t do it.

Our relentless commitment to championing our client’s success is at the heart of everything we do.

Just Kampers

Boosting conversion, paid & organic acquisition for the UK's leading VW parts suppliers.


Paid acquisition, SEO migration, tracking & reporting for 24 global online stores.

Goddiva London

Doubling conversion rates for a leading London women's fashion brand.

British Heart Foundation

Data intelligence, compliance & custom event tracking for a UK leading charity.

The Proof3 mission

Making an impact everyday

Our mission is built on genuine team collaboration, engaging clients, and growing expertise – all directed towards creating work that resonates with purpose. We foster an environment where every team member contributes to our collective mission, sharing ideas and insights in a space where innovation thrives.

We host regular in-person eCommerce themed events which are platforms for inspiration and knowledge-sharing, helping our clients stay at the forefront of digital. This commitment ensures we bring something valuable to the conversation and our clients remain at the forefront of a fast-changing digital world.

We believe in partnerships based on trust, mutual respect, and a shared vision for success. It’s this foundation that allows us to create more than just transactions, but lasting impacts and meaningful connections.

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