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A free PPC account assessment for growing businesses that need help with their paid acquisition and want to scale their efforts. Designed for 6 to 7 figure eCommerce retailers.

Strategic Audit

Analysing The Performance Of Your Paid Campaigns

Our comprehensive PPC Assessment is an in-depth exploration of your advertising setup designed to help your paid ads propser. We delve into factors like historical ad performance, costs, ROI, competitive analysis, audience insights, and potential strategies. We provide a detailed understanding of your business’s full potential.

Moreover, we’ll spotlight key areas for performance enhancement and elaborate on our management approach if you choose to partner with us.

Our audits are recognised for their thoroughness and valuable insights, distinguishing them as a paid service. Unlike typical agency pitches, our Strategic Audits are independent products offering unbiased, actionable data for informed decision-making.

PPC Assessment

What's included

Conversion Tracking & Goal Alignment

We verify that conversion tracking is properly set up and aligned with your campaign objectives. This includes tracking purchases, enquiries, or any other desired actions, allowing for accurate measurement of campaign performance and ROI.

Ad Relevance & Copy Effectiveness

We assess the relevance of your ads to the landing page content, ensuring alignment with user intent. Additionally, we analyse the clarity, persuasiveness, and call-to-action (CTA) effectiveness to maximise conversion rates. 

Landing Page User Experience (UX)

Our audit evaluates the landing page layout, navigation, and loading speed to ensure a seamless user experience. We identify and address any usability issues that could hinder conversion or customer engagement.

Shopping & Feed Management

We will look for any issues or opportunities to enrich your Merchant Centre Feed to ensure that your Google Shopping and PMax Campaigns are on point. 

Budget Optimisation

A review of your campaign budget distribution and tips to refocus efforts towards campaigns that will actually help you meet your growth objectives.

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Proof by numbers

Concrete proof of the outstanding results we’ve delivered for ambitious eCommerce retailers. From skyrocketing conversion rates to impressive ROI boosts, our numbers tell the story of our PPC strategies in action.

Just Kampers

62% reduction in target Cost Per Acquisition for new insurance policy customers for the UK's leading VW parts specialist.

Peter Nyssen

x20 Return on Ad Spend in peak planting season for award winning flower bulbs and plants retailer.

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