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GA4 Standard Events

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) automatically tracks a range of native events, which capture common interactions on websites and apps without the need for additional coding. 

These automatically collected events provide a robust starting point for analysing user interactions with your site or app. For more customised tracking, you can also define and collect custom events tailored to your specific needs. Remember, GA4’s flexibility and customisation options make it a powerful tool for gaining insights into user behaviour.

  1. first_visit: Triggered when a user first visits a site.
  2. session_start: Occurs when a session is initiated.
  3. user_engagement: Captures the engagement of a user with the site/app.
  4. page_view: Fired when a page is viewed.
  5. scroll: Triggered when a user scrolls to the bottom of a page.
  6. click: Captured when a user clicks a link or element on the site.
  7. file_download: Occurs when a user downloads a file from the site.
  8. video_start: Fired when a user starts playing a video.
  9. video_progress: Triggered at various stages of video playback (e.g., 25%, 50%, 75%).
  10. video_complete: Occurs when a video is watched to the end.
  11. search: Captured when a user performs a search on the site.
  12. view_search_results: Triggered when a user views search results.
  13. select_content: Occurs when a user selects some content.
  14. select_item: Fired when a user selects an item from a list.
  15. view_item: Triggered when viewing a specific item.
  16. view_item_list: Occurs when viewing a list of items.
  17. add_to_cart: Captured when a user adds a product to their cart.
  18. remove_from_cart: Triggered when an item is removed from the cart.
  19. begin_checkout: Occurs when the checkout process starts.
  20. add_shipping_info: Fired when shipping information is added.
  21. add_payment_info: Triggered when payment information is added.
  22. purchase: Captured when a purchase is made.
  23. refund: Occurs when a refund is processed.
  24. login: Triggered when a user logs in.
  25. sign_up: Fired when a user signs up.
  26. share: Captured when a user shares content.