5 Cookieless Retargeting Strategies That You Need To Know

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Cookies are ideal for understanding user behaviour and to help with personalised retargeting strategies. However, as privacy concerns continue to increase, there has been more and more importance on cookieless retargeting.

But what does this mean for your business? In this article, we’ll take you through some strategies that you can use to maintain effective marketing, without relying on cookies. From leveraging first-party data to making the most of email marketing, let’s take a look at how you can retarget in a cookieless world.

What Are Cookies?

In previous years, cookies were an effective way to retarget your products or services to users who’ve interacted with your business online. These insights allowed businesses to provide a more personalised experience to their audience. However, concerns over user privacy have meant that there is increasing importance on pushing a cookieless retargeting strategy.

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What Is Cookieless Retargeting?

Cookieless retargeting allows you to retarget users, without relying on cookies. But you might be asking yourself, how do I retarget users in a cookieless world? Below, we’ve added 5 of the top cookieless retargeting strategies that you need to know.

1. Leverage First-Party Data For Retargeting

First-party data is information that your company has collected directly from your audience. It can include demographics, on-site behaviours, purchase history, customer feedback and more.

Leveraging this first-party data ensures that your products or services are seen by potential customers, whilst still respecting privacy policies. This allows us to leverage user intent and behavioural data to offer a more personalised marketing experience for users.

2. Crafting Personalised Messaging Without Cookies

Personalisation allows you to target your audience in a way that resonates with them to improve their customer experience.

For example, using first-party data, you could retarget customers who have previously purchased dog food from your website by advertising dog toys, as you know they likely own a dog. Even if they don’t want to buy dog toys, they may consider your products as it resonates with them.

By using previous purchase history, you can increase the chances of your audience repurchasing similar products as it shows that you understand their preferences and interests. Personalised retargeting will also encourage brand loyalty, as 64% of customers are likely to stick with a brand that they know and trust resonate with them.

3. Using Contextual Targeting

Contextual targeting uses the contents of a website to place relevant ads to users. For example, if you’re watching a YouTube video about how to write a book, you might see ads at the side of the video for Grammarly as it is relevant to the video that you’re watching.

By using contextual targeting, you can ensure that your ads are engaging and are likely to convert. This is because contextual advertising uses real-time insights to provide users with a more relevant online experience, instead of feeling like they’re being tracked by cookies.

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4. Optimising the Customer Journey for Cookieless Retargeting

When retargeting customers without the help of cookies, it’s important to identify the touchpoints of the customer journey where cookieless retargeting will be the most beneficial. Whether it’s reminding customers that they’ve added something to their basket without checking out or advertising products related to their purchase history, you can retarget your audience to re-enter the customer journey funnel.

By optimising your messaging at various points in the customer journey, you can gain a deeper insight into what your audience resonates with. This strategy not only improves the effectiveness of retargeting efforts, but also enhances the overall customer experience.

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5. Email Marketing for Cookieless Retargeting

Email marketing is another fantastic way to leverage data that existing customers have provided through purchases, sign ups or other interactions, without relying on cookies.

It’s effective for directly engaging with users in a way that’s relevant and engaging to users. For example, you could retarget users who have abandoned their basket, by reminding them to complete their purchase, along with an incentive to further encourage the sale. This approach not only re-engages customers but does so in a way that adds value and is non-intrusive.

The Challenges of Cookieless Retargeting

Navigating cookieless retargeting presents real challenges. As marketers, remarketing is an easy way to encourage users who have interacted with your business previously.

As we aren’t able to use third-party cookies, we’ve had to come up with new and innovative ways to embrace cookieless retargeting strategies. However, this does come with its challenges as we continue to learn how to retarget users in a way that respects their privacy and doesn’t negatively impact your business.

Take contextual marketing for example. If you’re a travel agency, you wouldn’t want to appear alongside a video for aviation disasters. This example highlights the importance of regularly monitoring and optimising your remarketing strategies to ensure you’re getting the best possible outcome.
Incorporating cutting-edge technology for personalisation is paramount in today’s digital landscape. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can revolutionise how businesses tailor their customer experiences.

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Incorporating cookieless retargeting strategies is a surefire way to get the most out of your advertising efforts, whilst still respecting user privacy. However, it does require regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure it’s done right to maintain a strong online presence.

At Proof3, our team of specialists work together to help you get the most out of your online marketing. If you’re interested in embracing the power of cookieless retargeting strategies for long-term growth and success, drop us a line.

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