Facebook Advertising Quick Tips, and Strategies


In the ever-evolving world of Facebook advertising, staying ahead of the game is crucial for advertisers to achieve optimal results. With continuous changes to the platform, it’s essential to adapt our strategies to keep up. In this article, we will delve into the Facebook advertising secrets, tips, and strategies that are proving to be highly effective in 2023.

Shifting from Off-Meta to On-Meta Sales Funnels

One significant change in our Facebook ads approach is the transition from off-meta sales funnels to on-meta sales funnels. Let’s break down the difference. In the traditional off-meta sales funnel, ads direct users to a website or landing page, taking them away from the Facebook or Instagram platform. However, the on-meta sales funnel utilizes instant forms within Facebook or Instagram to capture leads and enable follow-up interactions, keeping users within the app. This shift aligns with Meta’s (formerly Facebook) objective of keeping users engaged on their platforms, as indicated by their default settings and cost benefits. Read more on this.. 

Leveraging On-Meta Sources for Targeting

Another important change is the increased utilization of on-meta sources for retargeting and lookalike audiences. Instead of solely relying on off-meta sources like website visitors or email lists, we now focus on targeting users who have engaged with our content within the Meta family of apps. This includes video viewers, Instagram followers, and Facebook page engagers. Leveraging on-meta sources provides accurate tracking and generates larger retargeting audiences, resulting in better campaign results.

Focusing on Reels as an Ad Placement

Reels, and short-form videos, have gained immense popularity on Instagram and Facebook, and we’ve observed a shift in user behavior towards consuming more content through this format. To align with this trend, we emphasize creating ad content specifically tailored for Reels. Customizing ad creative to fit seamlessly within Reels ensures consistency with the content users are engaging with, capturing their attention effectively. While other placements shouldn’t be neglected, prioritizing Reels is crucial, especially considering the potential influx of users from platforms like TikTok if it were to be banned.

Simplification of Sales Funnels

Simplifying sales funnels has become increasingly important, particularly after the iOS 14 update and the challenges it posed for accurate tracking. Complex multi-step funnels often result in user drop-offs, limiting their exposure to the eventual offer. By streamlining sales funnels and focusing on direct offer strategies, we reduce the barriers for users to take action. Alternatively, employing omnipresent content campaigns ensures users are consistently exposed to relevant ads, making it easier for them to take simple actions when they’re ready.

Brand Leveraging and Building

With growing advertiser competition, brand recognition becomes crucial for standing out. We recommend leveraging other brands to benefit your own by collaborating with influencers. Rather than a simple shout-out, hiring influencers to create ad content provides a reusable asset that captures users’ attention. Associating your brand with industry experts or influential figures significantly enhances your campaign’s performance. Additionally, building your own brand through the Facebook and Instagram platforms is equally important. Utilizing the omnipresent content strategy ensures consistent exposure to your target audience, fostering brand recognition and standing out amidst the competition.

Round up

Remember, the key to effective Facebook advertising lies in staying informed, experimenting with new strategies, and continuously optimizing campaigns to align with the ever-changing dynamics of the platform.